Stanmore house

We designed this new home in Sydney’s Inner West to be a light and open living space


We considered how narrow the block was and designed to maximise the living space available as well as to enhance the natural light in the home.

A small home on the block struggling to get any natural light inside was transformed into a home filled with sunlight filtering through a handsome row of fig trees.

BDAA AWARDS 2016 Winner

Residential Alterations/Additions $250,001 — $500,000



  • A restrained colour palette to suit the narrow site. We highlighted the length of the home using a stark contrast of colours in places to create a visual break.

  • Simplicity in the interior.

  • A light well and a partially obscured high window to flood the space with natural light.

  • Stark white ceilings and walls disperse the light throughout.

  • To create the sense of a larger more dynamic space we designed an unconventional roof and ceiling.

  • To bring in an element of the outside into the home, we created an elegant perforated screen (rather than a solid roof) at the back of the house so sunlight appears to dance across the room. The screen mimics the way sunlight moves and filters through trees and in the wind.