Earlwood House

A contemporary extension with the retention of traditional elements


This home renovation involved integrating an existing cottage into a spacious contemporary extension.

Our clients wanted their renovated home to be a light and open space, in contrast to their original cottage which was dark because of its defined boundaries.

Heritage architecture is our special interest. We took the time to understand the history of the cottage, so we could incorporate elements of its history into the extension.


The highlights of this design included:

  • Using the original stove from the cottage as a feature in the new modern bathroom. The stove acts as a reminder of the property’s history

  • Positioning a light well to frame the property’s beautiful jacaranda

  • Designing the rear of the home to benefit from the interplay of light reflecting from the pool.

  • A bespoke kitchen

  • Integrating a dining table into the kitchen bench for the family to gather to catch up for a relaxed meal.