Stroll through your virtual home

You’ll be amazed to see our conversations rendered into a 3D design for you to walk through on the computer. You’ll feel as if you can run your fingers along every bench top, step into the garden or spread out on the sofa. You can review your tile choice, your finishes and even your furniture styles before committing.



Lasting value

Our international experience and continuing investment in staying up to date with the very latest in European design means that your home will be ahead of the local curve, holding the value of your investment in design well into the future.



Attention to detail

Our modern designs are still informed by our experience in heritage restoration, a discipline that teaches and demands attention to detail. When you move into your new home you’ll find a place for everything. We miss nothing.



High quality results in less time

Having a design expert with more than 20 years’ experience on your side takes the pressure off you having to become the design expert on your project. We combine interior and exterior design design, which will save you hundreds of hours sourcing your own building suppliers, working out colour schemes, flooring choices and which plants work best in the garden. You get to make all of the selections without the exhausting legwork.



Supplier management

You don’t have to deal with builders or tradespeople because we’re here to do that for you. We’ll arrange the tender for your project and give you access to our trusted suppliers, contractors and materials. We’ll go on site for you, where nothing escapes our notice and where we exactly what’s happening, so there’s no room for confusion. Also, when we manage your project, we pass on our trade discounts, which means significant savings.