Do you have a building with a story?


We have international expertise in peeling back the layers of heritage projects, working out where to preserve, where to enhance and how to bring a building into the present without losing its past.


Collection of Work


Why choose NSStudio?


Research approach

First, we carefully study the building, its layers of history and back to why it was originally built. We work closely, for instance, with to local historical associations, which often have collections of original images and stories.

Most heritage buildings have had multiple chapters, so we must decide which parts of your building’s story we are going to tell and how we are going to create a page for your story at the same time.



Extensive heritage training and experience

Heritage architecture is a special interest of our principal, Nathalie Scipioni. She has a Master’s degree in Architectural Heritage from the specialist École de Chaillot in Paris.

Her broad heritage portfolio includes:

  • Leading the team responsible for the heritage restoration of the UNSECO Heritage listed monuments in Nancy, France.

  • Consulting to the restoration team responsible for the restoration and creation of CarriageWorks in Eveleigh and the renovation of Sydney Town Hall.

  • 10 years experience in Sydney working on alterations and additions for properties that are heritage listed or in conservation areas across Sydney.



Full service practice

When working on a heritage project with NSStudio we can do several things. We’ll prepare the heritage report but we can also design the building as well as the interior.

Working with the one team, rather than several different consultants, will save you time and ensure a smoother project with a consistent finish that matches your vision.


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